Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sorry for being MIA

But the new semester has started and I have been slightly overwhelmed with HOMEWORK hehehehheheh.

I can't committe at making a new kit at the moment, but at somepoint when I can come up for air I will get one out...

Thanks all for visiting I do take time to see who is here..



Betsy H. said...

Hi Sharin, hope it goes well with your homework,
I have just postet a animated gift to all my friends, if you like it, you can find it in the top of my blogg,
just remember to enter on the gift(will browser in a new window) just to enlarge the gift.
Have a nice day.
Hugs from Betsy

Aussie Linda said...

Hi Shari Just wanted to wish you all the best with your studies for 2009 and to let you know you will be missed but I will be dropping you a line every now and then to keep you in the loop as they say.
Hugs and kisses from Australia
Aussie Linda

Betsy H. said...

Hi hun, I do hope you have a great time ,
here is 3 new gifts I have made to friends.
Gift to my friends
Gift to my friends
Gift to my friends

Hugs from Betsy

Jill said...

Thank you for all the hard work you do for us taggers. Your work is wonderful.